Royal Manas National Park Tour

Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) is Bhutan’s oldest Protected Areas. Established as Game Sanctuary in early 1960’s, it was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1964 and subsequently upgraded to National Park in 1993. With an area of 1057 sq. km, it is home to more than 900 species of vascular plants, 60 species of mammals and 431 species of birds.

Located adjacent to Manas Tiger Reserve, World Heritage Sites and Manas National Park, India, RMNP holds high significance in terms of Bhutan’s Biodiversity Conservation. About 25-35 Royal Bengal Tiger patrol inside the park. Many large mammals such as Asiatic Water Baffalo, Gaur, Sambar, Asian Elephants are commonly sighted. Eight of eleven cat species found in Bhutan occur in RMNP.

Until 2011, the park was closed for visitors due to insurgency problems. Now, lately in 2011, it is opened for visitors. There are eco-camps and eco-trails run by communities around the park. Wildlife viewing and birding are some of the excitements that our visitor do not wish to miss. Elephant safari and rafting are offered on demand by the visitor.