Cultural Tours

A cultural tour of Bhutan will take you on tours from hill top monasteries to quaint villages, from the majestic Dzongs (fortresses) to mask dances, from mingling with local Bhutanese to attending a traditional Bhutanese night (including Bhutanese dinner, and entertainment – traditional dances performed by local dance troops). You will be immersed in a culture so unique, and peaceful, your only risk is not wanting to leave.

Western Bhutan Tour (4-8 Nights)

Almost all tourists who visit Bhutan visit Western Bhutan. Why? Because the capital, Thimphu and the International Airport in Paro is located in this region. Therefore it is one of the major gateways to Bhutan. On a tour of Western Bhutan, you will visit Paro, Thimphu, Ha, Punakha, Gasa and Wangdiphodrang. From the spectacular landing at Paro International Airport, to the magnificent Punakha Dzong (fortress), and the hike over the Chelela Pass at 4000 metres, this region definitely has so much to offer and explore.

Western and Central Bhutan Tour (10-14 Nights)

Only about 50% of all tourists who come to Bhutan visit Central Bhutan. With a number of significant historical and religious sites, scrumptious Bumtap food & beautiful landscape at the Royal Manas National Park– Central Bhutan is definitely an exciting destination.

Western, Central & Eastern Bhutan Tour

With just a handful of tourists visiting Eastern Bhutan, you will definitely be visiting a part of Bhutan which is least explored by Western Tourists. You can visit the home of the Yeti in Merak & Sakten, day hike in the prestine unspoilt mountain of Nagchungla (4200 metres)